Vacation in Funäsfjällen

Holiday that we have been waiting for a long time is finally here. We have been in Funäsdalen
every winter since I was born. It is so beautiful and quiet here and we all enjoy it to the fullest.
As it is at least a 12-hour journey from home, it was a day of rest today. We took long walks and
played in the snow.












We started the morning with breakfast with our supplements from Svenska Djurapoteket that
we take daily. They make us have stronger joints, get nicer fur and feel better. We had a lot of
packing but it is important to include all important things.










After breakfast we played in the snow. Our sister Amanda is with us on the trip and it is great
fun as we love her very much.










We even took a few walks. Mom got to try out the ferd belt from Non-Stop Dogwear, which she
loved. She did not freeze her hands and it felt easier to walk with a big bear.

Tomorrow awaits another exciting day in the snow.