Mommy says i´m the most loved dog in the world. I´m gentle and kind and everybody loves me. I was born 19 th september 2017. 

It’s a very interesting story about how i became a part of this family. My mom was scared of dogs but always knew that she wanted a big teddybear.

Many breeders said that you have to have a big house and garden to be able to have a newfoundland. My parents lived in an apartment but did not want to give up the dream of having a Newfoundland dog in the family. Eventually they got in touch with CayZenCle’s Kennel who were nice and willing to discuss things. When they heared that mommy was afraid of dogs, they first wanted them to visit the big dogs to see if she could handle them. Mommy’s first meeting with their newfoundlands did not go so well as she wanted to drive back home. They were huge bears that jumped and wanted to greet. After a while, she met a big guy named Hero and my mother Maggie. With their loving manner and calm temperament, she dared slowly to come closer to them. Despite that, she knew that this breed was exactly what she wanted, even though she was terrified 🙂
We were born a few weeks after her first meeting with Hero and Maggie. She thought I was adorable and cute but was scared of me. I did not weigh many kilos but she thought it was scary to hold me, not least when I got teeth and started to mischief. The breeders were very kind and let mommy and daddy come and visit once a week so that mommy would get used to the dogs. It progressed slowly ..
I got to come to my family when I was ten weeks old. Mum was not entirely comfortable being alone with me as she thought I had too sharp teeth. But slowly everything changed. She fell completely in love with me and today she can not sleep if I do not lie next to her. I’m her everything and she says I can understand her better than anyone else.
About my colour
Most people who have seen Newfoundland have not seen a beige newfie. It is an unusual color that the breeder did not plan to get but nature wanted otherwise. We are happy with his color because he is amazingly beautiful and has longer and thicker fur than many other newfoundland. So there is no color the breeder should strive for and the dog can not be exhibited. For us, it has not been very important as we have never shown dogs before. But I still have to admit that I wanted to do it on a few occasions when I think Teddy is the most beautiful in the whole world 🙂 Teddy can compete in all other disciplines, swimming, drag etc. He is very talented and is naturally gifted.